Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Zencca serves CA cannabis shoppers


Among the many advantages of online shopping is the ability to easily get detailed product information and reviews written by actual users. These days we buy almost nothing without checking the fine print and user opinions.

Now there's a website  that provides a similar level of service for people shopping for legal cannabis products in California.

Zencca offers photos and profiles of more than 1,000 cannabis products. Each profile includes a description of the product including its CBD content. Those who have tried cannabis-infused pretzels, for example, can give it a star rating and also rate its effects (was it euphoric? Did it stimulate creativity?) and its physical impact (did it affect your head, body or both?).

The profile page also has a map showing the location of stores that stock the product. Almost all of the stores mapped on Zencca are in Southern California. The site is labelled as a Beta version, so coverage of other area might be in its future.

Visitors who register on the site can also get a Cannabis Profile Assessment that will suggest products that fit your lifestyle and interests. Zencca's privacy statement says the company will not sell or share your information.

The assessment starts with a series of questions about how you spend your time. Do you prefer outdoor activities or do you prefer reading or similar pursuits? Do you use cannabis for health reasons or for artistic stimulation? Would you rather go out on the town socializing or relax at home? What's your potency tolerance level? Do you prefer edibles and other discreet products?

The system will assign you a profile type (I'm a Spartan) and begin displaying products keyed to your profile. Zencca suggested that I might like lemon-flavored cookies, a rub for body pains and a bud described as having "a sweet, heavy aroma that will relax the user with its tasty flavor profile and uplifting effects."

All good suggestions, in my opinion. Unfortunately, I live quite far away from the stores in LA, Escondido and Palm Springs that stock those lemon cookies.

To get a closer look at the site and get your own cannabis profile, check out he video below and visit the Zencca website.


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