Friday, September 11, 2020

Done app helps build or break habits


 I remember when the first fitness wrist bands hit the market. Their instant popularity showed that people wanted to know how many steps they took in a day or how much distance they covered in their daily runs.

But even more attractive was their ability to collect and chart the wearer’s progress. Now they could clearly see that they were running farther than they did on an average day two months ago, or that they tended to ease up on Mondays. The charts and graphs helped them keep their focus on their goal.

That same idea is put to work in an Apple app called Done hat can help people reach goals that go beyond physical fitness.

With Done you can track any habit that you repeat on a regular basis. Let’s say you want to drink more water every day. You create a new habit that you might call Hydrate and maybe set a goal of drinking 12 cups a day.  

As you log your daily drinks, Done builds a record of you progress and generates on-demand reports that show how well - or how poorly - you are doing.

And it’s those report cards that really provides an incentive. There’s something about seeing your streak portrayed on a calendar or a chart that reinforces your determination. You get pumped up seeing proof that you really did go to the gym six days in a row. The app can also be used to help break bad habits, like smoking or drinking.

Users can group habits into custom categories, set multiple reminders for each habit, assign color codes and enter notes about each habit. And the app works with the Apple Watch, Siri and Apple’s HealthKit.

The basic version can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store. A Premium version with additional features is also available. For more details, visit the Done App website or follow @treebetty on Twitter.


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