Wednesday, September 30, 2020

CloudCat helps gamers build to win


If you're a gamer, CloudCat says “We understand what you are struggling with.” 

You love playing mobile strategy games like Clash of Clans or AFK Arena. But you don’t have time to do all the grinding background work like farming, building or adding to your meager stockpile of gold. 

It's a dilemma that CloudCat calls the vicious P2W cycle: 

Only way to win is to cough up your hard-earned cash. You need tons of gold and elixir just no way of getting it. So if you want to build up your village quickly you need to pay for resources, and that sure ain't cheap.

You may be a player who wants to get to the good stuff quickly but your life requires that you devote time to other things, like maybe work, studying or sleeping.

That's where CloudCat wants to help. It's a mobile game helper service that takes over much of the grunt work that online multiplayer games often require. Think of it as a robot that will plow your simulated farm fields while you're asleep.

The service is completely cloud-based, so there's nothing to install or configure on your gaming device. CloudCat is designed to be used on any device that has a browser - a mobile phone, a tablet or a desktop computer.

Cloud Cat currently supports Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, and AFK Arena. The company says it plans to support more games and it invites players to make suggestions through CloudCat's social media accounts.

To get a closer look at the service, visit the CloudCat website where you can watch an introductory video. CloudCat is also on Facebook.    


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