Wednesday, May 20, 2020

World's easiest TV remote


My wife hates all hand-held remote controls - especially if she has to use more than one to operate the television, sound system or streaming box.

The multi-function remotes aren't the answer. She almost divorced me when I got one of those programmable remotes from Logitech.

I'm about ready to get the Tek Pal Large Button Remote Control to use on sets that require multiple devices.

The remote has six large buttons that control a TV's essential functions: power on and off, volume and channel up and down, and mute. That's it. No 10-digit keypad, menu, or video recording buttons.

Each button is super-sized and the whole array will light up for four seconds when any of the buttons are pushed.

A couple of caveats: The Tek Pal only works with a TV, not satellite or cable boxes, and you'll likely have to do the set-up work.

The Tek Pal costs about $19 and it's available on Amazon.


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