Friday, May 22, 2020

MacBack buys MacBooks while you keep your distance


Like many people in the US and UK, I’ve been spending the past few weeks hiding from Covid-19 by staying inside and seeking solace and comfort from my Mac. And after weeks of video conferences and many hours spent at the keyboard, I’m starting to think I deserve a new computer.

Upgrading to a new Mac would mean selling my current Mac. I have sold several computers before, using eBay and other platforms, but that game has changed now that a nasty virus is dictating the terms of our social and business interaction. I’m not enthused about meeting with strangers to show my computer or close a sale.

Now I think a service like MacBack offers a much more safe and secure way to sell my computer or other Apple device.

The process starts on the MacBack website where you fill out a short form with details about your computer’s age, condition and specifications.

After you submit the form, MacBack quickly gives you a price quote. If you accept the offer, MacBack will dispatch a courier to pick up your computer at no charge and at a time that you specify. The service uses shipping boxes that are specially designed to hold and protect your particular model.

MacBack checks to see that you have included all accessories, then it tests the computer to confirm its specs and condition. That process typically takes about 48 hours. If there are no issues, MacBack send your payment using either PayPal or a bank transfer.

Check the video below to see how the service works and visit the MacBack website to find out what you can get for your MacBook.


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