Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Why do programmers love Python?


When my corporate job involved working with programmers to support the company’s website, the coders tended to favor using PHP to build our digital projects.

PHP, a general-purpose programming language that was designed for web development work, produced code that was easy to integrate into our HTML pages. If we needed a registration form or an interface to a simple database, PHP would deliver.

For today’s far more complex websites, developers are more likely to work Python, a programming language built around the concept of "pluggability" and reusable components. Developers can work faster because they can reuse components that have already been created and tested.

Because of its reliability, scalability and flexibility, Python has been used to create some of the biggest giants in the web including the Google search engine, YouTube, Yahoo!, Dropbox, Quora, and Reddit.

The software development house RED uses Python and especially the Django web framework for many of its development projects.

Recent surveys of developers show Python rising in popularity among while languages such as PHP and C++ are waning. In one survey, Python ranked as the 4th most popular language globally.   

One more thing to know about Python: the name has nothing to do with snakes. Rather it's a tribute to the British comedy troupe Monty Python.


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