Sunday, September 1, 2019

Free app lets Amazon vendors estimate monthly sales


For every product listed for sale on the Amazon website, there’s a number that can be a key element in the product’s success. It’s called the Best Sellers Rank and it tells buyers and sellers how popular a particular item is in its product category.

At this writing, the iRobot Roomba 960 Vacuum Cleaner is ranked No. 1,170 in the Home & Kitchen category.

A product’s ranking is a good thing to know if you’re among the more than 2 million active Amazon sellers. An even better number to know would be an estimate of how many products a vendor might sell each month. Now a new app called SPM - Sales Rank Analyzer puts that number at a seller’s fingertips.

SPM is a specialized calculator that takes a product's Amazon sales ranking and determines its estimated monthly sales.

If you wanted to be one of the Amazon vendors who sell the Roomba 960,  putting that 1,170 ranking number into the app would give you an estimate of 3,900 in product SPM -- sales per month. SPM Analyzer will calculate the amount of units you can sell of that product and how much stock you should send to Amazon's fulfillment centers or to your own warehouse on a monthly basis.

Websites such as AMZ Scout or Jungle Scout provide a similar service through their site, sometimes for a fee. SPM Analyzer is free and it's currently the only mobile app that offers SPM data on an iPhone or other iOS device.

The app covers rankings in all 30 Amazon product categories and it lets users calculate sales for specific geographic markets such as Canada, Germany or Great Britain as well as the U.S.

For a closer look at SPM - Sales Rank Analyzer, check out the video below and the preview on the Apple App Store.


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