Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Casino Expert focuses on UK online gaming


Casino gambling on the Internet is a global industry with hundreds of digital gaming site scattered around the world. Many opt those casinos, including some of the most popular, are based in the United Kingdom.

Why is the UK such a hot spot? A UK-based casino review site called Casino Expert breaks down some of the reasons.

One reason in longevity. According to Casino Expert, most of the bigger companies behind UK's online casinos have been in the gaming business since way before the Internet was born.

They were called bookmakers. And while most bookmakers in the US operate outside the law, bookies in the UK are licensed and regulated, just like the gaming houses in Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

That government oversight adds an element of trust to the UK online casinos that new players might not feel with online casinos based in less familiar nations.

One more reason why UK online casinos are popular: in their competitive environment, UK gaming sites are likely to offer more and bigger bonuses to new players.

Casino Expert aims to be an online guide to UK online casinos by highlighting ones that offer the most attractive bonuses such as free slot spins and a variety of bonuses.

To read their ratings and reviews, visit the Casino Expert website.


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