Sunday, February 17, 2019

SellBroke buys your gear, even if it's broke


An older laptop PC had been stashed in a closet ever since its hard drive decided it no longer wanted to boot up. I was about to give it to a charity resale store when I went online to see if it might be worth a few dollars.

I found a site called SellBroke that not only offered me money for my unresponsive computer, it also promised to send me a free shipping label for UPS or FedEx. I don't know how selling unwanted gear could be any easier.

The SellBroke website lists a wide range of gadgets that it will buy. In addition to laptop and desktop computers, it also buys mobile phones, GoPro cameras, gaming consoles and Apple or Samsung smart watches. 

For each device, SellBroke asks you to fill out a short questionnaire. Is your device like new, in good condition or does it have defects? Will it power up? Does the battery work? Is the display broken?

As soon as the form is submitted, users get a price quote based on their responses.

The deal isn't sealed until SellBroke gets the device and checks it out. Payments are sent using PayPal, Google Pay or check. And the company says it will erase customer data on each phone, tablet or computer.

For more details, check out the video below, visit the SellBroke website and follow @SellBroke on Twitter.


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