Saturday, February 16, 2019

Petey Vid drills deep for online videos


When I recently did a Google search search to find videos about the Bonnarro music festival, nine out of ten hits on the first results page pointed me to content stored at YouTube.

That's not too surprising. YouTube is a huge video archive that might host the majority of public videos on any topic.

But YouTube isn't the only place that stores digital videos. Facebook, Vimeo, Twitch and many other sites have their own video collections. The challenge is getting past the YouTube crowd to find the others.

That's where Petey Vid comes in. It's a search engine designed specifically to locate and link to videos that aren't on YouTube.

The search service was developed by Erie Data Systems, the folks who created, a search tool that helps people who are deaf or hard of hearing find and play videos that have closed captions.

In addition to Facebook, Twitter and other well-known platforms, Petey Vid collects links to videos on DailyMotion, Internet Archive, Metacafe, Instagram and Veoh. It also combs video-focused networks such as Brighteon and Bitchute.

Petey Vid showed me pages of videos from Daily Motion and Vimeo along with some interesting audio files from Internet Archive.

You can run searches for free at the Petey Vid website and follow @PeteyVid on Twitter. Petey Vid says it will not save or use your search data.


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