Monday, December 24, 2018

This site helps you avoid scam vendors


Whenever we go looking for a new service provider or vendor, we make a visit to the Better Business Bureau website one of our first stops. We know the BBB checks out the companies on their list and we feel confident that we won't be pointed toward anyone with a sketchy reputation.

But the bureau's website is not especially easy to navigate. So I wasn't surprised to find that the site called eLegitimate has created a new and enhanced online database of BBB accredited companies.

At the eLegitimate website, users start by selecting one of 11 top-level categories, then drilling down to a subsection. For example, a user would start with the Automotive category to find Walmart and The Tire Rack among accredited tire dealers that have a national presence win the web. Each listing on the site contains a link to the company's website.

Other categories include Financial Services, Health & Beauty, Gifts, Tech & Communication, Home and Travel.

The eLegitimate site also has a collection of articles to help people avoid scams and fraudulent websites. Here's a sample of topics:

  • How to Find Out If a Website Is Legitimate or Not
  • The Effects of Falling Victim to a Scam
  • Common Online Scams to Be Aware of
  • What Is a BBB Accredited Business?
  • The Sad Truth behind the Trustworthiness of Online Reviews
To see the full list of articles and vendor categories, visit the eLegitimate website.


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