Friday, December 14, 2018

BcLapp app empowers grocery shoppers


Think of BcLapp as a supercharged grocery list. In addition to organizing your purchases, the app can help you save money, eat healthy and find new an interesting recipes.

With B-clap you can build a list by scanning labels and bar codes or finding items in a grocery database. B-clapp can recognize different images such as advanced smart labels and thermal labels. And it has voice recognition, so you can build a list just by saying "pork sausage" or "cottage cheese."

Once you're finished shopping, BcLapp will scan and store a copy of your receipt and let you enter  expiration dates for perishable food so it can notify you later when that date approaches.

The app comes with an extensive database of recipes. I typed in my favorite food -- "pasta" -- and got back pages of of hits, each with a photo, list of ingredients, cooking time  and nutrition information.

The recipes come with preparation instructions and an option to have them read to you by someone who sounds a lot like Alexa. Users looking to lose weight can use BcLapp's calendar to to log their calorie intake.

In the BcLapp digital wallet, where users store receipts and warranty information, you can also keep track of coupons and loyalty cards. If you scan a coupon for ground turkey and later put ground turkey on your shopping list, BcLapp will add a tag to remind you about the coupon.

Other BcLapp features include a news feed for product recalls and a face-scanning technology that will find the best face shots among your digital photos and send them to a Walgreen's store to be printed. The app also works with Amazon Echo and Google Home devices.

BcLapp is available in the Apple App and Google Play stores. For more information, check out the video below and visit the BcLapp website.


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