Tuesday, May 1, 2018

CureYourPC blog has Internet security tips and advice


You can't expect your car to run forever without some upkeep, maintenance or repairs and it's the same story for your personal computer.

If you want to keep your computer humming and avoid disasters, you need to pay attention to things such as virus protection, malware defense, operating system updates and device drivers.

The CureYourPC Blog can help. It posts regular reports about security threats and reviews of software that can defend against them.

On my recent visit to the blog, I found a review of ad-blocking software and an analysis of the Premium version of the popular Malwarebytes program. Other articles offered Internet security tips that for online shopping, tips to protect your online privacy and an explanation of how hackers use "phishing" techniques to get you to reveal passwords and other personal information.

I especially liked an article that listed bad tech habits -- reused passwords sound familiar? -- with advice on how to break them.

Check out all of the articles online at the CureYourPC blog.


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