Sunday, April 29, 2018

FastTik connects you to nearby friends


You're probably familiar with the Facebook feature that lets you and your friends note if they plan to attend an event in your area. That's a useful feature, but it doesn't go far enough. Not all of your friends will use it and it doesn't tell you if they are actually there when you are.

An app called FastTik fills in those gaps. It shows you all of your FastTik-using friends who are at a concert, ball game or festival when you are there along with others who might be nearby. You can set the feature to connect you with anyone on your Contacts list, with all FastTik users or be invisible.

Once you connect with another app user, you can exchange text messages, make a voice call or even a video call. The messaging and call features a free and they work anywhere in the world using your WiFi or mobile phone networks.

A recent addition to FastTik's communication menu is instant video messaging. Instead of text, you can exchange short video messages using facial expressions. An instant video message is deleted a few seconds after they are viewed and deleted permanently after 24 hours if the receiving party doesn't check it.

Users can also record and send instant voice messages, which are also deleted after they are heard.

FastTik is available as a free download for iOS devices in the Apple iTunes App Store and for Android devices in the Google Play Store. For more details, check the FastTik website, @FastTik_App on Twitter or the FastTik pages on Facebook or Instagram.


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