Friday, May 18, 2018

Positive Technologies helps lock down business web apps


In the early days of the commercial Internet, putting your business online meant getting an artist to create a digital brochure with a logo, some text ad a few graphics. Interactivity was limited to an email link or a comment box.

Today's online businesses allow customers and partners to order merchandise, enter credit card details or download software. But by opening those digital doors, companies are also inviting trouble in the form of hackers and similar malicious visitors.

Now hardly a day goes by without a report of stolen customer data or ransomware injected through some new web application vulnerability. How bad is the situation? A recent report by Positive Technologies found vulnerabilities in every web application that it tested in 2017 using the company's Application Inspector technology.

Finding cracks in chinks in a business's digital armor is one of the jobs performed by the Positive Technologies' Web Application Firewall (WAF). The device uses a built-in source code analysis module to detect vulnerabilities and create instant "virtual patches" block any attempts to exploit the specific flaws in the web app code. 

Another product called PT Telecom Attack Discovery focuses on flaws in signaling protocols that allow hackers to intercept calls, track subscriber locations and perform other bits of mischief. The company's SS7 Protection Solution uses a signaling intrusion monitoring system and an analysis module to detect anomalous activity on a wireless network.

For more details about the WAF and how it can protect a business website, check out the Positive Technologies website.


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