Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Service helps grow YouTube channel's audience


As a YouTube publisher, I’m always delighted when a viewer clicks the “Like” button or posts a comment. I just wish I saw more of them.

I was surprised to discover that some publisher use automated systems to increase their views and subscribers.

Fred Harrington, who writes blog about SEO and Digital marketing tools, recently posted a review of a technique that has emerged after Tube Assist and other automated services shut down. Tube Adder is a service that uses a bot to automate the repetitive tasks of viewing and commenting on videos and channels.

YouTube and other social media channels like Facebook or Instagram don’t like bots, but here’s what Harrington said about such services:

And, when the goal is to grow your channel fast, automation is often the fastest, and most effective method to achieve your goals. Your competitors are probably already using some form of it.

Tube Adder, he said, can deliver video likes and comments and channel subscriptions and comments in a process that doesn’t run afoul of the service’s limits. To read his full review, check the Fred Harrington website.


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