Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Ebook tells how to text girls


When I was a growing up, learning to communicate with girls seemed like an insurmountable challenge. They were an alien species with their own special communication code that had to be cracked.

Little has changed except that now much of that communication takes place in text messages. There’s still a code to be solved and Zac Miller, who wrote The Art of the Text,  says he has the key.

Here’s what Miller says about why guys need help with texting:

Texting has become an art that can make or break your chances with females. Think about it, what’s the first thing you do after you meet a girl and get her number… you text her! And you may have no problem meeting a girl or getting her number, but when you start texting, things always take a turn for the worst! 

The problem, he says, is “You’re doing it all wrong.”

Miller says his book explains what girls want when it comes to texting, how to get a girl’s number, the most common mistakes guys make when texting and his technique for keeping conversations going.

The ebook is available as an instant download for $19.95. For more details and to read the first chapter, contact Learn To Text Girls.


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