Wednesday, March 1, 2017

CarVi adds smarts to older cars


I’m not yet ready for a self-driving car, but I am enthusiastic about one of the technologies that they employ.

Often referred to as a collision avoidance system, it signals when there’s a car or truck in a lane next to me, even when I can’t see the vehicle, and it beeps when I signal that I’m moving into an occupied lane.

I have the system on my 2014 SUV and now I’ve discovered a way to ass that kind of technology to our other, older vehicle. It’s called CarVi and it uses artificial intelligence algorithm to turn any vehicle into a smart car.

CarVi pairs a dashboard camera with a smartphone app to provide real-time forward collision and lane departure warnings, like the system in my car. It also automatically collects data on a driver’s habits and helps them improve their driving skills with personalized advice.

The $299 CarVi is a windshield-mounted device that can be easily installed in a personal car. The system is also designed to appeal to fleet managers who want to know how their drivers perform when they’re out of sight.

 For more details and a closer look at the system, visit the CarVi website.


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