Wednesday, January 18, 2017

BubbleChat puts thought bubbles in iMessage images


Like any doting grandparent, I often wonder what’s going on in their little rug rat brains. What are they thinking when they hod up a favored toy or spit out their mom’s ravioli?

They’re not yet ready to tell me, at least using words that adults can understand. But they don’t have to. Now I can put words in their heads using an an app I discovered lets me add thought bubbles to my photos.

BubbleChat, created by CaptionMagic, is an iOS app that lets you add thought bubbles to photos of people or animals, even if you have no artistic or graphic design skills.

The app is made specifically to to work with iMessage and once you download the app, it can be called from  the app store icon on the iMessage screen.

Start by opening a new message screen in iMessage, then take a photo or open one stored on your device. Then click the App Store icon and BubbleChat will automatically open a bubble next to a face in the photo.

From there, you can type in your clever text and pinch or pull the bubble to adjust its size, drag it to another face or tap on a face to add a second bubble.

The iMessage library of emoticons are also available too add to the text in a bubble. When you’re finished, tap Send to share your creation or Save to to put a copy in your photo gallery.

To see a full walk-through, watch the video below. There’s more information on the BubbleChat website and the app can be downloaded for free in the iTunes App Store.


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