Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Royal Checkers tests memory and strategy


When my children were much younger, they were always ready to compete with their old man.

Our favorite contests were memory games, where you thad to remember the location of images hidden in a grid, and checkers, which involved some strategy and planning.

Beebright Edu, a developer of educational software, have come up with a way to turn checkers into a memory game.

Royal Checkers starts with a small board or perhaps nine squares and with game pieces that are hidden. Sounds easy enough, but there’s one more element - the board rotates between moves. That checker you thought was in  the upper right corner may move to the lower left square.

Players have to recall or guess the location of the pieces in order to win games and advance to higher levels. And as the games move up in levels, the boards expand with more squares, making them increasingly more difficult.

The game challenges a player’s spatial recognition capability while also testing their memory and strategic thinking. It includes a global scoreboard where they can track and compare their performance.

Royal Checkers is available as a free download for iOS devices in the iTunes App Store and for Androids in the Google Play Store. To see the game in action, check out the video below.


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