Friday, November 11, 2016

Reminder app syncs to your lifestyle


Smart machines and the clever software inside them are making us masters of our own domains. I have a thermostat that knows when we’re at home and when we’re away and our son has outfitted his house with lights that know when to come on when he pulls into his driveway.

Now there’s an app called LifeTracker that will not only remind us of things we need to do, it provides a nudge when the time is right to do them.

Here’s an example: We could all use a reminder to get some exercise or take a walk. But wouldn’t that reminder be more valuable if it arrived just after lunchtime, rather than late at night when you might be reviewing a to-do list for the next day?

LifeTracker asks you to list your goals and activities, but it also has you put them in the context of your daily life by assigning tags such as Family, Sports, Hobby or Meal.

The app then syncs to the rhythm of your life. If you typically go to the gym on Tuesdays, attend a class on Wednesdays and call your mother Sunday evenings, that’s when you will get relevant reminders.    

The app integrates activities with Google calendar so it knows when you have free time and won't skip a goal even if your plans change.

LifeTracker is currently available as a free download in the Google Play Store. Users of Apple devices can sign up to test a beta version for iOS on the LifeTracker website.


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