Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Audio Streaming Box delivers TV sound


My mobile phones and tablets can play music and other audio streamed from my desktop computer. Why can’t they also play audio from my television?

That’s the idea behind Audio Streaming Box, a WiFi streamer that lets TVs get in the game.

The ASB is a palm-sized portable device that uses the WiFi Hotspot approach to deliver streaming audio to a mobile app. ASB users connect the box to the TV to broadcast the sound. Listeners connect their mobile devices to the N-Sound Hotspot, then launch a companion app.  

Developer Keith Cheung sees the ASB delivering high-quality audio in a variety of situations including, bars, restaurants, gyms, lecture halls, waiting rooms or tour buses.

Cheung hopes to raise $15,467 through Kickstarter to get the ASB into production. The first retail units are scheduled to be available in December, 2016 for $1,200. Early backers can get one for $680 plus shipping ($150 for US destinations).

For a closer look at the ASB, visit his Audio Streaming Box campaign page at Kickstarter.


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