Wednesday, October 12, 2016

This virus blocker includes helpdesk support


Anti-virus software has been around for as long as computer viruses have been threatening personal computers and servers. But today’s threats come in many new and different forms.

There are bots, bits of code that take control of a computer and use it to distribute more malware. Then there’s adware, programs that plaster a screen with unwanted advertising. And spyware, a stealth program that monitors and records emails and other digital communication.

I loaded my Windows PC with different programs to combat each of those threats. But that was before I heard about SpyHunter 4. It’s a suite of anti malware software from Enigma Software Group that is designed to fight all of the many different tools that hackers use.

When first installed, SpyHunter 4 scans a computer’s hard drives, files, cookies, memory and registry entries to find offending code and identify any malware programs that have been installed. The program delivers a report on what it finds and recommends actions to remove or neutralize the threats.

Unlike other anti-virus programs, SpyHunter 4 provides users with access to a the Spyware Helpdesk. Users can create a support ticket to deal with malware questions and issues and get a custom response to fix that specific problem.

The SpyHunter 4 software with the helpdesk support costs $39.99 billed as a semi-annual subscription.


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