Thursday, October 13, 2016

LogicGate program manages enterprise risks


When I get in a car, I always fasten the seat belt. My wife calls that common sense but I tell it’s actually risk mitigation.

We’re always at risk when we’re on the traveling and wearing the belt reduces the potential of serious injury if we’re in an accident.

Large and small business do something similar on a larger scale. They try to identify all the things that might harm the business and reduce its earnings.

That could be a fire, a natural disaster, workplace accidents, lawsuits, embezzlement or a hundred other things. It’s a long list.

The consultants at LogicGate have developed enterprise risk management software that helps managers identify all risks that might impact their organization and the steps being taken to mitigate them.

The software starts with a risk list that defines potential risks associated with activities across the enterprise. The end result is a scoring system displayed on a dashboard that managers can use to create mitigation action plans and monitor the risk status across the enterprise at any time.

Pricing for the software varies depending on the number of users and custom features. You can request a quote at the LogicGate website.


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