Monday, September 5, 2016

This machine does laser engraving on a desktop


If you’ve ever seen a logo, barcode or an intricate type font engraved on a metal surface, like me, you probably wondered how they did that. The answer is with a laser and a computer.

The manufacturing industry has been using lasers to etch serial numbers into metal parts for years, but today, laser engraving machines have become more accessible and affordable. Some laser engraving machines are not much bigger than a computer printer and almost as easy to use.

The MLMe fiber laser system, for example, can be programmed and controlled from desktop or portable computer using a simple USB cable connection. The MLMe, made by Cincinnati-based Tykma Electrox, uses the Minilase Pro SE software package to laser mark text, barcodes, serial numbers and graphics.

The machine apply engravings on a variety of surfaces including aluminum, brass, copper and painted metal. It also works with plastics and other substances.

The MLMe is sold by Needham Coding, which offers detailed information about the machine on the company’s website.


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