Wednesday, September 28, 2016

These apps get athletes in shape


There are so many apps that promise to get me in shape that I never know which one is best or where to start. Every time think about doing some research, I give up and head to the kitchen.

But then I found a website that did the research work for me. Supplement Express sells weight loss and body-building supplements and it has posted short reviews of popular apps among athletes.

The app that are reviewed include Couch to 5K, which offers three different weekly workouts designed to give people who don’t exercise very much a clear path that will get them in shape to compete or participate in short runs like a 5K.

It also looks at Yoga Wake Up, an app designed to target specific muscle groups or motions. The app mixes yoga and exercise to increase flexibility and relieve stress.

The app that gets the clearest endorsement is JEFIT, an app that is useful for keeping track of a weight lifting routine. Instead of bringing a pencil and paper to the gym, the app will keep track of the number of reps, sets and weight levels to help users review and analyze their progress.

To read the full review and get an overview of other apps for athletes, check this page at Supplement Express.


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