Saturday, August 13, 2016

MX5 browser is an information assistant


Your relationship with your web browser is a bit like a romance. It’s terrific when it’s fresh but eventually something new piques your interest. I loved Netscape Navigator when it first appeared in the 1990s but later moved on to Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.

I also used a browser called Maxthon for a while around 2008 after it got raves from CNET and PC World. They liked its support of advanced features like tabbed windows, ad blockers and plug-ins. Now I’m checking out MX5, a new and thoroughly upgraded version of that Maxthon browser.

Like it’s predecessors, MX5 gets high marks for its speed and its ability to work on multiple platforms and sync data between devices. But MX5 also goes beyond the simple task of viewing websites and turns the browser into an information assistant.

Some of its most useful features include:

  • Infobox, a built-in archive that lets users collect and save any content that they see in the browser, including text and images. The content is available to read and review from any device.
  • Passkeeper intelligently generates and saves complicated passwords, then auto fills forms when needed.
  • UUMail incorporates email into the browser and protects your real email address with virtual inboxes. It also identifies and deleted spam.

MX5 is currently available for both Android and iOS mobile devices and in a beta version for Windows desktops and portables. For more details and download links, visit the Maxthon website.


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