Saturday, August 6, 2016

DSYNC integrates cloud and legacy systems


Like any mature business, the publishing company where I once worked was littered with incompatible data sets and management software. Created at different times over 30 years, none of them would play well together, forcing the IT department to either write new code or find the  best tool to integrate the disparate systems.

That’s a dilemma that DSYNC says it can solve.

Described as a “super blender,” DSYNC translates and synchronizes data between systems. The service works with both both on-premise installations and cloud applications to allow them to share and sync data in near real time.

Martin Novak, co-founder and CIO of the Australia-based company, said he and partner Simon Church developed DSYNC as an alternative to existing system integration, which can often be expensive and difficult to implement. Novak said:
We developed DSYNC to help enable connectivity. We quickly realized that even platforms were interested in our integration services as it helped to rapidly connect to multiple applications.

DSYNC works with retailers, insurance companies, banks, financial technology companies, the healthcare industry and government agencies. The service provides a drop and drag mapping and transformation engine, a prebuilt list of applications that it can instantly be connected and the ability to customize connectors. It also offers a developers’ kit for DIY integrations.

DSYNC offers a free trial with no credit card required. packages start at $100 US per month.

For more details, visit the DSYNC website and check out the video below.  The company is also on Twitter @_dsync and it will be on display in the US in September at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco and at, the conference for digital retailers, in Dallas.


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