Wednesday, July 13, 2016

United Games puts fantasy sports in network marketing


I was a late arrival to fantasy football but when I finally jumped in two years ago, I discovered that being in a fantasy league adds to the understanding and enjoyment of the game.

So I wasn’t surprised when I heard about a new effort to expand the reach of fantasy sports enhancing game play and bringing in a multi-level marketing component.

A company called United Games says it is looking for affiliates who will give away a free mobile app game that it plans to launch in September, around the time that the new NFL season kicks off.

According to United Games, app users will be able to play along with actual teams and players during a live game. It also indicates that the sports focus will be enlarged to include sports such as soccer, cricket and hockey and special sports events like the Tour De France.

Affiliates who sign up before the app is launched pay $29.99 plus $10 per month to participate in the system. The affiliates get paid when when they share the app and build their affiliate team.

A registration landing page on the Web leads to the video below. The video provides more details about United Games and its marketing plan.

United Games Presentation United Games Natalyn Lewis [Low, 360p] from Louis Muise on Vimeo.


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