Thursday, July 14, 2016

This PHP script builds a job board in minutes


I’m sure I’m not the only website manager who had a conversation like this with their boss:

Boss: This company has a lot of job opening we need to fill. Figure out how to put them on our website.

Me: Yes, ma’am

That was several years ago and we did figure out how to post our job listings, but it involved weeks of work by some talented programmers. Today, we could have downloaded free job board software called Simplejobscript and spent our time customizing the listings and web pages rather than writing code.

The people who distribute Simplejobscript describe it as a  “lightweight, feature-rich and fast PHP job board script” that can be installed and functioning in under 10 minutes.

Based on Bootstrap, the script creates a website that is responsive on all modern platforms including tablets, phones, laptops and computers. Using plain PHP, HTML and CSS/SASS, it can be shaped and customized without any high-level programming skills or deployed using a free theme from Simplejobscript’s library.

To see more features and take a look at an online demo, visit the Simplejobscript website.


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