Friday, July 8, 2016

How to post anonymous comments on any website


I had never heard of slogging before I ran across Satodi. Apparently, slogging is the practice of posting comments and opinions on websites and social media channels while remaining anonymous and out of reach of the site’s monitors.

Satodi is a browser extension that hovers over the website. Instead of using the site’s conventional comment box, sloggers create a shadow discussion forum that hovers over the site. Only sloggers can post a written or audio slog or read or listen to slogs posted by others.

Is that legal? Here’s what the Satodi website says:

It is absolutely legal in most countries. But remember to check your local laws. Do not slog in countries where there is no freedom of speech.

In addition to flying under the radar of site monitors, using Satodi can also reduce or eliminate the need to register and maintain accounts on multiple sites.

Satodi offers browser extensions for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple’s Safari browsers and it says an extension for Microsoft Edge is coming soon. Once the extension is installed, users can visit a site and begin posting or reading what other users say about the content.

For more details, read about Satodi on its website.


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