Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Caseco mount finds the perfect spot on your dashboard


Captain Ahab in Moby Dick chased the elusive white whale. I’m chasing the perfect phone mount for my car. I know it’s out there somewhere. It’s not a suction mount; they come loose and fall to the floor. And it doesn’t use a clamp; I want to be able to easily grab my phone when I exit the car.

There’s good chance that the Caseco Core 360 car phone holder. It may be the smallest and least obtrusive of the many mounts that I’ve checked out.

It’s a simple post with an adhesive backing that sticks to a smooth spot on your dashboard. You can place it almost anywhere that’s not leather or vinyl, keeping all of your dashboard air vents open and unobstructed.

Instead of a clamp, the Caseco holder uses a magnetic system to hold the phone in place. The mounting post   contains a heavy duty neodymium magnet that pairs with a steel ring attached to the backside of the phone. The ring works with any phone or phone case and won’t demagnetize any cards you might have in the phone case.

I especially like the flexibility that the mount provides to give you the best viewing angle. You can tilt the phone up vertically or horizontally and you can rotate it to get a wide view of a GPS map.

The Core 360 comes with two rings and sells for $39.99 at the Caseco website. If the vent happens to be your preferred spot, Caseco also has a version with a vent clip.

You can see the mount in action in the video below and follow @Caseco_inc on Twitter.


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