Thursday, May 19, 2016

SaidHere users deliver hyperlocal news


Like many members, Facebook for me has become a source of news as friends share notes about festivals, crimes, accidents of new businesses in their areas. That’s fine, but my friends are spread out and in most cases, I don’t live their area. I would be far more interested in seeing news about my community.

That’s the idea behind SaidHere, a new iOS app that uses geographical boundaries to create hyperlocal information services. The app enables users to share geotagged content in real time. They can tell their neighbors about a nearby street closure and let reader in their city know about an upcoming government meeting.

The app also allows users to send a private message with a geofence limit around it. The person who gets the message will see the content only when they are inside that same geographical area. It can also be used to create a collection of past events and to inform people about a specific place, an historical site, for instance, before they arrive.

SaidHere is currently available for free in the iTunes App Store.


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