Tuesday, May 3, 2016

LED bulbs getting more affordable


When the older light bulbs in our house fail, as they all eventually will, I try to replace them with  LED bulbs. LEDs last longer and use less energy than conventional bulbs. And the newer versions are able too reproduce the soft and warm white light that we prefer for most locations.

But like most newer technology, LED bulbs can be more expensive than the products they are replacing. That’s why I’ve been shopping the Internet looking for the best deals.

At a discount shopping site called Major Depot, I found a variety of LEDs offering at prices that are far below what I’ve seen at the home supply stores in my area. For example, a 2.5-watt (200 lumen) spotlight for decorative fixtures is priced at $3.12.

I’m all for reducing my energy footprint, and this looks like a more affordable way to get that job done.


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