Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Samsung shows a big-screen smart fridge


If you think the kitchen refrigerator’s job is primarily to keep beer and leftovers cold, Samsung is out to change that attitude. At CES this week, the company introduced the Family Hub Refrigerator. It’s a smart fridge with what looks like a giant Android phone built into a front door panel.

According to a report by CNet, the 21-inch screen will function like apps on a TV. You’ll have access to Pandora for music,  family photos, and an app called Sticki that will manage an sync a shared family calendar.

Cameras inside the unit will take photos of your food stores and a MasterCard grocery application will let you order groceries and schedule home delivery. Samsung is also exploring options tat would let the fridge respond to spoken commands, like "Order my favorite pizza."

The Family Hub fridge is expected to arrive in the US this spring with a price tag of about $5,000.


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