Thursday, January 7, 2016

Dino talks to your kids


Dino is not your average talking toy. Instead of a memory loaded with canned phrases, Dino uses Wi-Fi and a cloud connection to a computer that uses IBM's Watson technology to deliver a personalized play experience.

Dino, who was on display at the Showstoppers event at CES, can also tell jokes, play games, read stories and answer questions. Aimed at children ages 4 to 9, Dino adjusts to match the child's age.

A four-year-old who asks how far away is the moon would likely be told something like "Too far to walk," while the older child would get an answer in miles or kilometers.

Dino is slated to be available later this year for about $100. Pre-orders are being accepted at re CogniToys website.  


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