Monday, October 26, 2015

New app tracks your time off


 Back when I worked for a big publishing company, it was easy to find out how many vacation days or how much sick time I was due. I dialed up the human resources department and asked them.

In today's typical workplace, it can be much more complicated. For example, some employers let you roll time off from one year into the next.
My daughter’s employer puts sick days and off days into a single pool. At my son’s company, employees get financial rewards for not using sick days.

Keeping track of different policies and your status can be a pain, especially if you have more than one employer. A company called Meta Section has developed Time Off, an iOS app that takes much of the hassle out of that process.

Time Off lets you tracks days worked and days off for you and your spouse and for multiple jobs. Users can record work time in hours or days and tag off periods as sick time, vacation, personal days or a custom tag.

You can send email requests for time off directly from the app and produce reports that will show a supervisor that you are on top of this issue.

For a closer look at Time Off, check out the video below and visit the Time Off website. The app is available for free in the iTunes App Store and you can follow @timeoffcloud on Twitter.


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