Monday, October 26, 2015

Greads helps sell your articles, essays and other docs


A few years ago, I wrote a long article about some of my ancestors who fought in the American Civil War. I added photos and maps and wrapped it up in an attractive PDF document.

My article is the sort of product that would be welcome on Greads, a new social library platform that allows users to buy or sell digital documents.

Greads was created as a vehicle to let ordinary people monetize their knowledge. Items offered for sale might be an e-book, a PowerPoint presentation, an essay, a translation of an article or any other text-based material.

Items for sale are categorized under topics such as Programming, Religion, Politics, Economics, Journals, Graphic Design, and Social Studies.

Participation in the Greads system is free but Greads takes a 10 percent commission on sales. Sellers are paid through PayPal when their account reaches $5. For more details, check the Help section on the Greads website.


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