Saturday, September 26, 2015

UK firm develops an underwater jet pack


While snorkeling at one of the underwater reef parks in the Bahamas, it was frustrating to see beautiful coral formations 15 or 20 feet below the surface but not have enough flipper power to get a closer look.

What I needed was a an underwater jet pack like the one developed by by S.C.P Marine Innovation in the UK. The x2 Sport is a wearable propulsion system that lets swimmers move faster and dive deeper than what they can do using simple muscle power.

The idea is to into a swimmer into Aquaman with a power pack strapped to your back and a pair of thrusters strapped to your wrists. Just point your arms in the direction you want to go and squeeze the trigger in a handheld throttle. The jet pack lets you cruise at speeds up to 6 mph with 60 minutes of power.

The x2 developers have launched an Indiegogo campaign hoping to raise $35,000 to get the product into full production. Donors who pledge $2,000 will be in line to first 20 jet packs when they ship next summer.

For more details, check out the video below and visit the Super Marine Innovation website.


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