Thursday, September 17, 2015

This charger will fit in your wallet


I’m happy to see Elon Musk spend his fortune working on ideas for long-lasting batteries. Like almost everyone else, I occasionally get caught with a nearly-dead battery on my mobile phone with no way to get a quick charge.

Until we have batteries that last for two or three days, I will always be interested in innovative refueling ideas like the Credit Card Power Bank from Super Power Gadgets.

The Power Bank is a charger build in a case that is the size of a credit card. At 5.5 mm, it’s slightly thicker than an actual credit card but still thin enough to slip into your wallet or purse.

The device has a charging plug on a pop-out cable that tucks neatly into one corner of the case. According to Super Power Gadgets, versions of the Power Bank will work with Apple, Android or Microsoft devices.

Super Power Gadgets has launched a funding campaign on Indiegogo seeking $20,000 over the next month. Backers who contributors $39 will get a Credit Card Power Bank with their name printed on the case. The estimated delivery date is December, 2015.

For more details, visit the Credit Card Power Bank funding page.


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