Monday, September 21, 2015

RocketSkates deliver a battery-powered ride


At the 2002 Consumer Electronics Show, I got to take a spin on a Segway. That was just a month after inventor Dean Kamen had introduced the two-wheel electric vehicle on national television.

Since then, we’ve seen several battery-powered self-propulsion devices make their debut including RocketSkates, a pair of smart electric skates that were featured on the TV show Shark Tank.

The skates were developed by Peter Treadway and his team of  engineers at Acton, Inc. in Los Angeles. The skates can carry a 275-pound person on a 10-mile excursion at speeds up to 12 mph. which I've been told is the legal limit for these types of transportation devices.

Like the Segway, RocketSkates are controlled by tilting the foot forward to speed up and back to slow down or brake. They can also be operated using a mobile app that displays speed and battery status, tracks the rider’s route and connects riders to others in the RocketSkates community.

Unlike some Shark Tank inventions that never get rolling, RocketSkates are being produced in volume and are for sale in three models with prices starting at $499.

More details about the skates are available at All Shark Tank Products, a website that profiles and follows products seen on the show. You can also follow @TheSharkTanker on Twitter.


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  1. tracks the rider’s route and connects riders to others in the RocketSkates community.8x battery



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