Tuesday, September 22, 2015

RippleBuds promise improved noise cancellation


Trying to ratchet up my productivity metric, I often conduct phone conversations and conference calls while I’m walking the dogs. I conduct business while getting a bonus of fresh air and exercise.

But too often ambient noise from passing cars or nearby lawn mowers intrudes on the conversation. That’s why I’m also looking for an earphone/microphone combo that can do a better job of blocking unwanted noise.

A new device called RippleBuds promises to do just that. The developers of the wireless RippleBuds say the key to effectively blocking outside noise while transmitting clear sound it to build the mic inside the buds.

Dusik Shin, the founder and CEO of RippleBuds, said he designed the buds because he was often frustrated trying to talk on his phone in public areas like concerts, sporting events, or airports.

“With RippleBuds, you can talk on the phone in a normal voice even while riding a motorcycle or attending a rock music concert, as well as control your connected home and car devices using voice commands,” he said.

The company plans to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in November where early supporters an opportunity can pre-order the device with prices for the stereo version starting at $99. You can get more information at the RippleBuds website.


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  1. It is unbelievably good! I found a similar one. The link is http://snip.ly/o7n99



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