Thursday, August 6, 2015

Zenchanted is a relaxing puzzle adventure


There’s always been something magical and mystical about runes, those symbols used to form ancient alphabets.

Runic letters play a central role in Zenchanted, the puzzle adventure game for Androids from Aventurine Productions. Players are presented with different rune-matching challenges as they through a series of serene landscapes.

There are more than 100 levels in the game and a seemingly limitless quality of puzzles to solve. If you get stuck in one puzzle, you can sacrifice some of your earned points to refresh the playing pieces.

Enchanted presents a good contrast to games based on speed or finger dexterity. The soothing music and and artwork give the game a quiet and relaxing attitude. It’s a good game to help you decompress after a stressful day.

Zenchanted can be downloaded for free in the Google Play Store.


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