Saturday, July 4, 2015

Mekkit offers laser engraving and 3D printing


My cousin Chuck is a master cabinet maker with a workshop stocked with the most advanced woodworking equipment. I think he needs to add laser cutting and 3D printing to his repertoire and I know how he can do that without buying more gear.

Mekkit has a full-service cutting and engraving service that can turn out a wide range of custom work based on a customer’s designs.

For Chuck’s cabinets, I can picture laser-printed accent items, custom-designed drawer pulls or images engraved on the glass panels. Mekkit’s laser-cut business cards would add a touch of class to any craftsman's public image.

For 3D printing, Mekkit has a Formlabs Form1 3D printer that will work with Rhino3D or STL files.

For more details, check out the Mekkit website and look through the product portfolio. You can also follow @mekkitcom on Twitter.

And if he wants to get his own machine to add to his woodworking shop, I would point him to Selected Best, a website that ranks laser engraving machines and provides specs and descriptions of each one.  


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