Saturday, May 23, 2015

SkyStats puts marketing metrics on a WordPress control panel


One of the many advantages of using WordPress as a web publishing platform is the availability of free and affordable plug-ins that can make the WordPress code do just about anything you need.

That was fine for customizing your blog or business site, but what about all the related activity like traffic analytics that happens outside WordPress? That’s the focus of SkyStats, developers who have created a new dashboard that can be integrated into a WordPress site’s control panel.

SkyStats pulls in both Google Analytics and Facebook Insights and displays the data in a set of compact windows. Managers can get a fast and accurate picture of a site’s marketing reach and performance without loading a bunch of other external reports.

The folks at SkyStats say they are working on adding other useful metrics from other marketing channels to the dashboard. Their targets include Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Google AdWords, MailChimp and YouTube.

Publishers needing a single site license can install SkyStats for free. A three-site license costs $25 a year and an unlimited version costs $50.

For more details, visit the SkyStats website and check out @skystatswp on Twitter.


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