Monday, May 18, 2015

SIE has a modern version of the sign-in sheet


Every time I visit a doctor’s office, I wonder why the pen-and-paper sign-in sheet hasn’t been replaced my something more efficient and confidential. Hasn’t anyone come up with a better solution?

It turns out hat someone has. A company called Sign-In Electronically has developed software that lets patients, visitors, customers and others do just that.

SIE’s paperless replacement for the traditional sign-in sheet is being used in hospitals, medical offices, day-care centers, school systems and corporate offices.

The system uses a wireless 8- or 10-inch Windows or Android tablet and a Windows PC. The signature and other collected data is transferred to a Windows application over a secure Web socket and stored in an encrypted format in a password-protected database, making it fully HIPAA compliant.

More details and available on the SIE website.


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