Wednesday, May 20, 2015

No YouTube on company computers? Check out FastProxy


Does this sound familiar? You pass along a link to a Facebook post or a YouTube video to a friend who you know is at work. You get a reply that says they can’t check it out because the Internet service at their workplace blocks sites like those.

The next time that happens, point your friend to It’s a free service that will route website requests around the roadblocks set up by corporate IT departments.

The FastProxy website has a window to enter your destination and optional settings to encrypt the URL, block cookies or remove scripts.

FastProxy says your connection will be made using 128-bit SSL encryption and your IP address will be hidden. The goal is to let people browse anonymously without leaving a trail for employers or anyone else to follow.

FastProxy is also working on a VPN service that will offer free and premium levels. Leave an email address on the website if you’re interested. In these days of hacker sniffing and government snooping, you should be.


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