Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Hashnet seeks investors for Bitcoin mining


When Bitcoin first appeared, early adopters were able to earn bitcoins by using their computers (or perhaps their company or school computers) to process and record bitcoin transactions. Those folks were called bitcoin miners.

As bitcoin grew in popularity, people began building, selling and buying dedicated computers that would do nothing but mine for coin. Now, we’re seeing the arrival of services that let average people share the potential profits of bitcoin mining without using their own computers or buying a dedicated box.

That’s the approach being taken at Hashnet, a new shared mining operation that is scheduled to be launched in June.

According to Hashnet co-founder and CEO Robert Colton, customers will be able to buy mining power in increments based on 1 GH/s (1 giga hash per second). Colton predicts that buyers will recover their investment in about 150 days and earn a continuing profit after that point.

You can read Colton’s full introduction at the Hashnet website landing page where you can also sign up for more information prior to the launch. You can also follow @Hashnet_Mining on Twitter.


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