Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Create your own chatbot at Rebot.me


How does a computer pass the Turing test? It fools a human being into think they are conversing with another human rather than a machine.

The chatbot you can create at Rebot.me probably won’t pass the Turing test, at least not right away. But you might have fun trying and at least you’ll have your own machine-driven chatterbox.

Rebot.me lets anyone who registered with an email address and password use their chatbot creator. You give your bot a name and enter an initial greeting. From there, it’s a process of entering phrases and sentences that will reply to user questions and comments.

The chatbot can be installed on a website to promote a product or service or just to keep visitors engaged.

To see some of the chattiest users have created, visit Rebot.me and follow the feed @rebotme on Twitter.


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