Thursday, April 16, 2015

Is your email list clean? Email YoYo will check it


We are a people in motion. We change jobs, houses, spouses and email addresses. 

I was reminded of that last fact recently when I helped a friend market his latest book to an email list that he had been building for several years. After the first mailing we were surprised by how many messages bounced.

We should have run the list through Email YoYo, a service that will clean and validate email lists of any size. 

The service takes a CSV file and checks every address. The file comes back with good and bad addresses labelled and other data, such as names and street addresses undisturbed. The company says it does not keep any data submitted for cleaning.

Email YoYo’s prices start at $74 to check a file of up to 3,000 records. Results for small batches are returned in two business days with a slightly longer turn around for larger lists. The company also offers a validation API. Companies that have used the service include Microsoft Gaming Studios and Keller Williams Realty.

A free demo and more information is available at the Email YoYo Email Validation Tool website and on Twitter @Emailyoyoapi


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